Make benchmark irradiance and power forecasts.

The functions in this module use the solarforecastarbiter.datamodel objects.


all_equal(iterable) Returns True if all the elements are equal to each other
find_reference_nwp_forecasts(forecasts[, …]) Sort through all forecasts to find those that should be generated by the Arbiter from NWP models.
make_latest_nwp_forecasts(token, run_time, …) Make all reference NWP forecasts for run_time that are within issue_buffer of the next issue time for the forecast.
process_nwp_forecast_groups(session, …) Groups NWP forecasts based on piggyback_on, calculates the forecast as appropriate for run_time, and uploads the values to the API.
run_nwp(forecast, model, run_time, issue_time) Calculate benchmark irradiance and power forecasts for a Forecast.
run_persistence(session, observation, …[, …]) Run a persistence forecast for an observation.