solarforecastarbiter.reference_forecasts.main.make_latest_nwp_forecasts(token, run_time, issue_buffer, base_url=None)[source]

Make all reference NWP forecasts for run_time that are within issue_buffer of the next issue time for the forecast. For example, this function may run in a cronjob every five minutes with run_time set to now. By setting issue_buffer to ‘5min’, only forecasts that should be issued in the next five minutes will be generated on each run.

  • token (str) – Access token for the API
  • run_time (pandas.Timestamp) – Run time of the forecast generation
  • issue_buffer (pandas.Timedelta) – Maximum time between run_time and the next initialization time of each forecast that will be updated
  • base_url (str or None, default None) – Alternate base_url of the API