solarforecastarbiter.validation.validator.detect_interpolation(x, window=3, rtol=1e-05, atol=1e-08)[source]

Detects sequences of data which appear linear.

Sequences are linear if the first difference appears to be constant. For a window of length N, the last value (index N-1) is flagged if all values in the window appear to be a line segment.

  • x (series) – data to be processed
  • window (int, default 3) – number of sequential values that, if the first difference is constant, are classified as a linear sequence
  • rtol (float, default 1e-5) – tolerance relative to max(abs(x.diff()) for detecting a change
  • atol (float, default 1e-8) – absolute tolerance for detecting a change in first difference

flags (Series) – True if the value is part of a linear sequence


ValueError if window < 3