solarforecastarbiter.reference_forecasts.forecast.cloud_cover_to_irradiance(latitude, longitude, elevation, cloud_cover, apparent_zenith, zenith)[source]

Estimates irradiance from cloud cover in the following steps:

  1. Determine clear sky GHI using Ineichen model and climatological turbidity.
  2. Estimate cloudy sky GHI using a function of cloud_cover and ghi_clear: cloud_cover_to_ghi_linear()
  3. Estimate cloudy sky DNI and DHI using the Erbs model.

Don’t use this function if you already have clear sky GHI. Instead, use cloud_cover_to_irradiance_ghi_clear()

  • latitude (float) –
  • longitude (float) –
  • elevation (float) –
  • cloud_cover (Series) – Cloud cover in %.
  • apparent_zenith (Series) – Solar apparent zenith
  • zenith (Series) – Solar zenith

  • ghi (pd.Series)
  • dni (pd.Series)
  • dhi (pd.Series)