solarforecastarbiter.plotting.timeseries.make_basic_timeseries(source, object_name, variable, interval_label, plot_width)[source]

Make a basic timeseries plot (with either a step or line) and add a hover tool.

  • source (bokeh.models.ColumnDataSource) – The datasource with ‘timestamp’ and ‘value’ columns that will be plotted.
  • object_name (str) – Name of the object to be plotted so an appropriate title can be made.
  • variable (str) – Variable of the plotted object
  • interval_label (str) – Interval label of the object to determine whether a line or step is most appropriate.
  • plot_width (int) – The width of the output figure

bokeh.models.Figure – The figure with the timeseries

  • KeyError – If timestamp is not a column in source
  • IndexError – If the timestamp column is empty