check_network(networks, metadata) Decodes extra_parameters and checks if an object is in the network.
clean_name(string) Removes all disallowed characters from a string and converts underscores to spaces.
create_forecasts(api, site, variables) Create Forecast objects for each of variables, if NWP forecasts can be made for that variable.
create_observation(api, site, variable[, …]) Creates a new Observation for the variable and site.
create_one_forecast(api, site, …[, …]) Creates a new Forecast for the variable and site based on the template forecast.
decode_extra_parameters(metadata) Returns a dictionary parsed from the json string stored in extra_parameters
filter_by_networks(object_list, networks) Returns a copy of object_list with all objects that are not in the network removed.
post_observation_data(api, observation, …) Posts data to an observation between start and end.
site_name_no_network(site) Removes the prefixed network from a site name for prepending to an observation.
update_site_observations(api, fetch_func, …) Updates data for all reference observations at a given site for the period between start and end.