solarforecastarbiter.validation.validator.check_irradiance_limits_QCRad(solar_zenith, dni_extra, ghi=None, dhi=None, dni=None, limits=None)[source]

Tests for physical limits on GHI, DHI or DNI using the QCRad criteria.

Test passes if a value > lower bound and value < upper bound. Lower bounds are constant for all tests. Upper bounds are calculated as

\[ub = min + mult * dni_extra * cos( solar_zenith)^exp\]
  • solar_zenith (Series) – Solar zenith angle in degrees
  • dni_extra (Series) – Extraterrestrial normal irradiance in W/m^2
  • ghi (Series or None, default None) – Global horizontal irradiance in W/m^2
  • dhi (Series or None, default None) – Diffuse horizontal irradiance in W/m^2
  • dni (Series or None, default None) – Direct normal irradiance in W/m^2
  • limits (dict, default QCRAD_LIMITS) – for keys ‘ghi_ub’, ‘dhi_ub’, ‘dni_ub’, value is a dict with keys {‘mult’, ‘exp’, ‘min’}. For keys ‘ghi_lb’, ‘dhi_lb’, ‘dni_lb’, value is a float.

  • ghi_limit_flag (Series or None, default None) – True if value passes physically-possible test
  • dhi_limit_flag (Series or None, default None)
  • dhi_limit_flag (Series or None, default None)


[1] C. N. Long and Y. Shi, An Automated Quality Assessment and Control
Algorithm for Surface Radiation Measurements, The Open Atmospheric Science Journal 2, pp. 23-37, 2008.